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RSC 507: Scholarly Writing: Company Reports

Company Reports

Material Type           In-text Citation                      Reference                                                        
    Technical reports, company profiles, and other business analyses often lack much of the information used in other published sources for the reader to locate the material. For this reason, you may wish to include a database name. 
Company overview from a database (i.e. Hoovers) with author (Colbert, 2011).

Colbert, C. (2011). Netflix, Inc. Los Gatos, CA United States. Available from Hoovers database.

If an individual is responsible for the report he or she will be listed, use this person as the author.                                                         

Company overview from a database (i.e. Hoovers) no author

(Netflix, Inc. Lansing..., 2011).

Netflix, Inc. Lansing, MI United States. (2011). Available from Hoovers database.

Give enough title information to distinguish a company from various branches.

Report from a library database

(Datamonitor, 2010).

Datamonitor. (2010, September 9). Verizon Communications Inc. [Company profile]. Available from Business Source Complete database.

Company overview from a freely available website

(MetroPCS, n.d.).

MetroPCS Communications. (n.d.). metroPCS: Wireless for all: Annual report 2010. 

Give the publisher name in the retrieval statement unless the publisher is the author.