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RCE 620: Theories and Techniques of Counseling: Media


Material Type           In-text Citation              Reference                                                        
Podcast (Conan, 2001).

Conan, N. (Host). (2001, September 11). World trade center attack. [Audio podcast episode]. In Talk of the nation. National Public Radio. Retrieved from                                                  

Video Blog (i.e., YouTube) (Rifkin, 2010).                                      

Rifkin, J. [Jeremy Rifkin] (2010, August). Jeremy Rifkin on the "empathic civilization" [Video]. 


Film or Video (Boyle, 2009).  Boyle, D. (Director). (2009). Slumdog millionaire [Film]. Fox Searchlight Pictures.
 Streaming video (Last name, 2009).

Last Name, F. M. [Username]. (Year, Month Date). Title of video [Video]. Streaming Service. URL

Online Images (Artist surname, Year).

Artist Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Title of the artwork [Format]. Title of the Website. URL (address of web site)