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Zotero Citation Management Tool: Writing with Zotero

How to Use Zotero to Format Citations and Bibliographies in Microsoft Word

When you're writing your paper in Microsoft Word and want to cite the references that you've saved in your Zotero library, click on the Zotero tab.
In the tab, click on Add/Edit Citation.

In the Zotero - Document Preferences pop-up window that appears, click on the citation style that your discipline uses in the Citation Styles list.

If you don't know which citation style to select, then ask your instructor!

In the Zotero - Document Preferences pop-up window, click on the OK button.

Your chosen citation style will be saved for the entire document, so you won't have to reselect it every time you cite an additional source!

In the search bar that appears, search for the citation that you want to use.

I typed the last name of one of my article's authors, and the article was automatically generated.

After selecting the citation that you want, use either the Enter or Return key on your keyboard to insert it.

When you're ready to add your bibliography, make sure that you're at the top of a new page and type the title of your bibliography.

I've titled mine Bibliography, but you might call yours References or Works Cited. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the citation style you are using.

Make sure that your cursor is where you want to insert your bibliography.
In Zotero section on the Zotero thread, click on the Add/Edit Bibliography button.

All of your citations will be automatically inserted into your paper and formatted according to your selected citation style.

For more help using word processors, please see the following guide: