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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is a new, more secure gateway that allows you to access Thomas University Library and GALILEO resources using your existing TU email username and password.

What Will Change?

The GALILEO password will no longer be needed, so you won't have to remember a new password each semester.

What Will Stay the Same?

There will be no change to the number of resources you may access via a library web page or GALILEO, so you should still be able to continue with your work and research with very little disruption.

What Will On-Campus Access Look Like?

You will continue to login into library databases via GALILEO automatically.

What Will Off-Campus Access Look Like?

You will be prompted to login when you access the GALILEO portal or when you click on a link to a database on a library web page:

You will be able to use your TU username and password to authenticate to library databases (i.e., GALILEO) by clicking on Thomas University-USA.

You will only need to authenticate (login) once to start an 8 hour long OpenAthens session. During that time, you will not be asked to authenticate again (unless you change devices or clear your cookies).

What Do You Have to Do?


  • Update your bookmarks and links
  • Update reading lists [FACULTY]

OpenAthens uses a different technology to manage access to resources, which will change the syntax of the links currently in use to allow seamless user authentication. (Currently, links start with

To update links, make sure you have started an OpenAthens session and bookmark or copy/paste the OpenAthens permalink (which will work for both on-campus and off-campus access).