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Education: Books

Resources for students in Education.

TU Catalog

The TU Catalog is housed in  which is a global catalog of library collections. 

You can now find materials worldwide!

Library of Congress Call System

The TU Library utilizes the Library of Congress Classification System.

Find books for your class by starting in the "L"s!

Class L Education

Subclass LA History of Education

Subclass LB Theory and practice of education

Subclass LC Special aspects of education

Subclass LD Individual institutions - United States

Subclass LE Individual institutions - America (except United States)

Subclass LF Individual institutions - Europe

Subclass LG Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

Subclass LH College and school magazines and papers

Subclass LJ Student fraternities and societies, United States

Subclass LT Textbooks