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Florida Supreme Court Clears Hurdle Out of the Way for Solar Power to Flourish

credit AP photo/John Raoux


Recent article concerning destruction of Southeastern United States forests.

"American Companies are Shipping Millions of Trees to Europe, and it's a Renewable Energy Nightmare." 

In late March, a loosely affiliated coalition of southerners gathered outside of the British Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia with an unusual concern: wood pellets. The group, primarily made up of outdoors enthusiasts and conservationists, had traveled from multiple states to British Consul General Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford’s doorstep. Chief on their minds was the rapidly increasing use of the pellets, a form of woody biomass harvested from forests throughout the southeastern U.S. and burned for renewable electricity in Europe. According to the group, what started as a minor section of Europe’s renewable energy law has now burgeoned into a major climate and environmental headache.

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In order for wood pellets to burn “carbon free” the carbon emitted into the atmosphere must be recaptured by regenerated forests, which take several decades to grow. If these emissions aren’t offset, then burning wood pellets releases as much or more carbon dioxide per unit of energy than coal.

The Florida Black Bear

Find the latest changes to black bear hunting regulations, voice your opinion about black bear management, find updated maps, and more at the FWC website.

The video below will educate you on how to deal with black bear encounters.