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Live Green!

TU Sustainability Student Ambassador

The Sustainability Committee is looking for student ambassadors!

Are you interested in sustainability and green living? Do you like to volunteer and give back to your community? Do you have ideas for projects?

Join the Sustainability Committee! You get to attend meetings, help plan and intitiate events, and more!

"We Didn't Start the Fire"

When people think of sustainability they think of it as some new age concept, when in truth the notion has been around for a very long time. Sustainability is the idea of using the resources at our disposal in the most efficient and beneficial way possible, in order to ensure that future generations will have adequate resources to use. Not only has this concept been key to the success of many civilizations of the past but it is also the key to our planet’s future success. It is my belief that education is the best way to get people involved in a movement such as sustainability. As a student, I see firsthand the benefits of education and the power a group of motivated and inspired people can have. I am not a sustainability expert, but I care about my community and I am constantly eager to learn about different ways I can contribute to the sustainability movement and I think that is the point; taking this concept to the smallest scale and allowing each individual to then bring their efforts together. Even a spark can start a fire and if we can come together as a group, educate one another, and make our community as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible then we can be the spark that starts a wildfire.

by Amanda Lanphere,

Past TU Student and Sustainability Committee Student-Member

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Brower Youth Awards

Since 2000, the Brower Youth Award has recognized outstanding youth leaders who are making strides in the environmental movement. Under the umbrella of the New Leaders Initiative, the Brower Youth Awards provides an elevated platform to showcase and honor the accomplishments of young environmental leaders.

Each year, six young people based in North America are awarded the prize, joining a growing and diverse cadre of green leaders who are publicly recognized for their sustainable projects, innovative ideas, and informed analyses.

Get inspiration from these students and start living green today!